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A to Z FundRaising ideas

We have tried to include as many fundraising ideas as possible below. If you have had success with any others that we haven’t mentioned please let us know by emailing us at info@fundraiser.ie


[teaser url=”http://www.fundraiser.ie/index.php/fundraising-ideas/a/” title=”A” src=”http://www.fundraiser.ie/wp-content/uploads/Auctions.jpg” ]learn more[/teaser]
[teaser url=”http://www.fundraiser.ie/index.php/fundraising-ideas/b/” title=”B” src=”http://www.fundraiser.ie/wp-content/uploads/Bungee-Jumping.jpg” ]learn more[/teaser]
[teaser url=”http://www.fundraiser.ie/index.php/fundraising-ideas/c/” title=”C” src=”http://www.fundraiser.ie/wp-content/uploads/Car-boot-sale.jpg” ]learn more[/teaser]
[teaser url=”http://www.fundraiser.ie/index.php/fundraising-ideas/d/” title=”D” src=”http://www.fundraiser.ie/wp-content/uploads/Duck-race.jpg” ]learn more[/teaser]
[teaser url=”http://www.fundraiser.ie/index.php/fundraising-ideas/e/” title=”E” src=”http://www.fundraiser.ie/wp-content/uploads/Expeditions.jpg” ]learn more[/teaser]
[teaser url=”http://www.fundraiser.ie/index.php/fundraising-ideas/f/” title=”F” src=”http://www.fundraiser.ie/wp-content/uploads/Fun-run.jpg” ]learn more[/teaser]
[teaser url=”http://www.fundraiser.ie/index.php/fundraising-ideas/g/” title=”G” src=”http://www.fundraiser.ie/wp-content/uploads/Golf-classic.jpg” ]learn more[/teaser]
[teaser url=”http://www.fundraiser.ie/index.php/fundraising-ideas/h/” title=”H” src=”http://www.fundraiser.ie/wp-content/uploads/Halloween-party.jpg” ]learn more[/teaser]
[teaser url=”http://www.fundraiser.ie/index.php/fundraising-ideas/i/” title=”I” src=”http://www.fundraiser.ie/wp-content/uploads/Inter-departmental-quiz.jpg” ]learn more[/teaser]
[teaser url=”http://www.fundraiser.ie/index.php/fundraising-ideas/j/” title=”J” src=”http://www.fundraiser.ie/wp-content/uploads/James-Bond.jpg” ]learn more[/teaser]
[teaser url=”http://www.fundraiser.ie/index.php/fundraising-ideas/k/” title=”K” src=”http://www.fundraiser.ie/wp-content/uploads/Karaoke.jpg” ]learn more[/teaser]
[teaser url=”http://www.fundraiser.ie/index.php/fundraising-ideas/l/” title=”L” src=”http://www.fundraiser.ie/wp-content/uploads/Leg-Waxing.jpg” ]learn more[/teaser]
[teaser url=”http://www.fundraiser.ie/index.php/fundraising-ideas/m/” title=”M” src=”http://www.fundraiser.ie/wp-content/uploads/Murder-mystery.jpg” ]learn more[/teaser]
[teaser url=”http://www.fundraiser.ie/index.php/fundraising-ideas/n/” title=”N” src=”http://www.fundraiser.ie/wp-content/uploads/No-Chocolate-Day.jpg” ]learn more[/teaser]
[teaser url=”http://www.fundraiser.ie/index.php/fundraising-ideas/o/” title=”O” src=”http://www.fundraiser.ie/wp-content/uploads/Obstacle-Course.jpg” ]learn more[/teaser]
[teaser url=”http://www.fundraiser.ie/index.php/fundraising-ideas/p/” title=”P” src=”http://www.fundraiser.ie/wp-content/uploads/Parachute-Jumps.jpg” ]learn more[/teaser]
[teaser url=”http://www.fundraiser.ie/index.php/fundraising-ideas/q/” title=”Q” src=”http://www.fundraiser.ie/wp-content/uploads/Quiz-Night.jpg” ]learn more[/teaser]
[teaser url=”http://www.fundraiser.ie/index.php/fundraising-ideas/r/” title=”R” src=”http://www.fundraiser.ie/wp-content/uploads/Rag-weeks.jpg” ]learn more[/teaser]
[teaser url=”http://www.fundraiser.ie/index.php/fundraising-ideas/s/” title=”S” src=”http://www.fundraiser.ie/wp-content/uploads/Swear-box.jpg” ]learn more[/teaser]
[teaser url=”http://www.fundraiser.ie/index.php/fundraising-ideas/t/” title=”T” src=”http://www.fundraiser.ie/wp-content/uploads/Treasure-Hunt.jpg” ]learn more[/teaser]
[teaser url=”http://www.fundraiser.ie/index.php/fundraising-ideas/u/” title=”U” src=”http://www.fundraiser.ie/wp-content/uploads/Used-Book-Sale.jpg” ]learn more[/teaser]
[teaser url=”http://www.fundraiser.ie/index.php/fundraising-ideas/v/” title=”V” src=”http://www.fundraiser.ie/wp-content/uploads/Valet-Services.jpg” ]learn more[/teaser]
[teaser url=”http://www.fundraiser.ie/index.php/fundraising-ideas/w/” title=”W” src=”http://www.fundraiser.ie/wp-content/uploads/Welly-Throwing.jpg” ]learn more[/teaser]
[teaser url=”http://www.fundraiser.ie/index.php/fundraising-ideas/x/” title=”X” src=”http://www.fundraiser.ie/wp-content/uploads/Xmas-Pantomime.jpg” ]learn more[/teaser]
[teaser url=”http://www.fundraiser.ie/index.php/fundraising-ideas/y/” title=”Y” src=”http://www.fundraiser.ie/wp-content/uploads/Yacht-Race.jpg” ]learn more[/teaser]
[teaser url=”http://www.fundraiser.ie/index.php/fundraising-ideas/z/” title=”Z” src=”http://www.fundraiser.ie/wp-content/uploads/Zzzzzzz.jpg” ]learn more[/teaser]







AAbseiling, Adult Spelling Bee, Aerobathon (sponsored per minute or charge those taking part), Antique Fairs, Art Exhibitions, Astrology Evenings, Athletic meetings, Auctions.

BBaby-sitting, Bad Hair Day, Bad Tie day, Bag Packing, Bake sale, Baked beans bath, Balloon race, Barbeque, Barn Dance, Bazaar, Beard Shaving, Bed push, Bike tours, Bingo, Blind Date, Bob a job, Book and Jumble Sale, Book sale, Breakfast event, Bridge drive, Bring and buy sale, Bungee Jumping.

CCake sale, Car boot sale, Car cleaning, Car rally, Car Wash (suitable for all ages) Carol Singing, Casino night, Casual day at work/school, Children’s sports day, Christmas Day Swim, Church Collection, Churchgate Collection, Cinema charity screening, Coffee mornings, Coin chain, Coin collections, Coins (fill a smartie tube/jar with coins), Comedy Night, Concert.

DDance, Dance-a-thon, Darts Tournament, Dinner Dance / Party, Disco, Do door-to-door collections (we can supply you with all you need!), Dog show, Dog Walking, Donations in lieu of presents, Donkey Derby, Drama, Dress down day at work, Duck race.EEaster bonnet competition,Easter egg hunt, Egg & Spoon Race, Exercise Bike Marathon (complete ‘shifts’ over a set period), Exhibitions, Expeditions.

FFace Painting, Fancy dress ball / competition, Fashion show, Festivals, Film show, Firm wide raffles, auctions and collections, Fishing Competition, Five-a-Side, Flower show, Football Match / Football tournament, Fortune telling, Fun run.

GGala evening, Garden party, Gigs, Girls V Boys Day / Event, Give up something for Lent and get it sponsored!, Golf classic / Golf Day (invite local firms to organise teams) / Golf tournament, Good as new sale, Gourmet Raffle, Greyhound meeting, Guess the amount of sweets in a jar, Guess the Height / Weight / Amount…, Gymkhana.

HHalloween fancy dress party, Halloween party, Head and beard shaving, Head Shave, Hill Walking / Running, Hopscotch, Horse Race, Horticultural Exhibition (charge and admission or sell plants). Human Chain.

IIndividual Gifts, Indoor Games Night (board games, skittles, cards), Inter-departmental quiz in your workplace, Irish Coffee Morning.

JJamboree, James Bond event, Jelly Eating Challenge, Jigsaw Puzzle Challenge, Joke Competition, Juggling Challenge, Jumble sale.

K Karaoke Evening (ask a local pub to host a karaoke night for you and charge entry), Karate Event, Kite Flying, Knit In, Knitting Challenge, Knitting Sprint (knit for an hour – provide regulation wool and needles!), Knobbly Knees Challenge, Kris Kindle.

LLawn mowing, Leg Waxing (good for the men!), Line Dancing, Litter Collection (sponsored per item/black sack), Little Italy party, Local Pub Quiz, Lottery, Lunch runs at the office, Luncheons, Lunch-time event.

MMagic Show, Marathon (get fit and run a marathon, get people to sponsor/guess your time!), Marathons / Mini Marathon, Masque Ball, Matched giving from companies for employee fundraising, Mountain climbing, Mums Run (ask your local school to help), Murder mystery evening, Music recital, Musical Chairs.

N New Year’s Eve party, Night In (stay in on Saturday night with your friends and donate the money you save), No Smoking Day, No Smoking/No Chocolate Day (give up your vices for charity), No uniform day.

OObstacle Course, Odd One Out, Oiche Gaelach, Old Time Dance (sponsored per dance), Open Gardens – garden parties around your neighbourhood.

PPancake breakfast, Panto, Parachute Jumps, Payroll deduction, Penalty Shoot-out, Pet show, Pie Eating Competition, Pillow Fight, Pizza party, Plant sales, Poetry Competition, Pool Competition, Pram Race (babies not included!).

QQuiz Night (general knowledge table quiz or themed quiz e.g. music/tv).

RRace Night (horse/greyhound racing), Radio Controlled Car Race, Raffle, Rag weeks, Read-a-thon, Role Reversal Day.

SScrabble Tournaments (pay to play or sponsor points), Shave- a- Thon, Shoe Shining, Sleep-out, Sponsored Bag-Pack, Sponsored bike ride for young and old, Sponsored Cycle / Walk / Run / Slim / Silence / ANYTHING!, Sponsored Dart Match, Sponsored Dog Walk, Sponsored Events, e.g. slimming, Sponsored silence, Sports day, Spot the baby photo competition, Street Collections (Don’t forget – you will need a Garda permit), Street party, Supermarket Bag Packing, Swear box, Sweepstakes, Swimathon, Swimming gala.

TTalent competition, Talks and demonstrations – e.g. book readings, cookery demonstrations, Tea party, Teddy bear’s picnic for children, Tennis tournament, Theatre Premiere or Gala Evening, Theme evening, Themed event based on particular countries/cultures, Three-legged Race, Tombola, Treasure Hunt (sponsored/ask local firms to donate prizes), Treks, Tug-o-war.

UUnwanted Christmas presents sale, Unwanted Gifts Sale, Used Book Sale (bestsellers at bargain prices).

V Valentine’s Day event, Valet Services, Variety Show (sketches, song, dance, readings), Vegetable sale, Veteran car rally.

WWalks, Weigh-a-thons, Welly-Throwing Contest (sell your tickets or ask for donations at the end), Who wants to be a millionaire, Window cleaning, Wine & cheese party, Wine and chocolate night, Wine tasting, World record beating attempt.

XXmas Pantomime, Xylophone Concert (?!!)

YYacht Race, Yard Cleaning, Yodelling Competition, Yoga Demonstration, Your own thing!

ZZany Ideas, Zodiac Readings, Zzzzz – a sponsored sleep in or even stay-awake!

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