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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can we mix and match the different types of Fundraising?

Yes, there is no limit as to how many fundraising options you can use.

Can we run the event over a couple of days?

Yes, this is entirely up to you. If you would like everything to be done on the same day this is no problem however if you would like to do it over a number of days we can facilitate this.

Do you come to us or do we need to come to you?

The normal procedure would be that we would be on site with you and remove all items on the day and arrange payment for you there and then. For larger an bulkier items such as scrap metal we usually take these away to our larger weighing facility and ask that a member of your team accompany us.

How soon do we receive payment?

Payment is usually made immediately on the day of the fundraiser. For Constant Revenues these can vary but payment is usually made on a quarterly basis.

How much can we expect to receive from an event?

The potential is unlimited and depending on how you choose to run and promote your fundraiser will determine how successful your fundraiser will be. The more you publicize and get local community involved in your fundraiser, the more successful it will be.

Where do the items donated go?

All items which are donated whether they be clothes, scrap metal or mobile phones are fully recycled and can be used again. Clothes are sent to countries less fortunate than us to be worn again and those that are unable to be worn again are broken down and used in the production of couches and mattresses. Scrap metal is used again in the production of new windows and vehicles. Mobile phones are broken down into components which are then re-used in the production of new electrical equipment.

Are we fully insured to run this event?

We are fully insured to run these events and are happy to provide you with details of such upon your request

Is there a limit to the amount of time that we can run an even in a year?

Not at all, we are happy to work with you as many times as you like throughout the year.

What happens if we receive a donation after the event?

This is no problem at all, our team is constantly on the road and will be happy to arrange pick up and payment the next time we are in your area

Can we help you advertise the event?

We can give you lots of handy tips and ideas on how and where to advertise the event. We can also send you a template which you can use to advertise the event. As our sister company is involved in printing we can also provide a design service for your event and offer great discounts on printing flyers for your event that will really stand out.
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