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The Benefits of raising funds through recycling

Fundraiser.ie has been helping clubs raise funds through recycling since 2011. Through fundraising you are offering everyone in the community a chance to donate to the club. Some people may not have spare cash to donate to the club even though they may want to however almost everyone has spare clothing which is no longer used which they would be more than happy to donate to the club to help raise funds.



The clothes which are donated are graded into different grades and over 90% of donations end up going to third world countries
The remaining clothes which cannot be recycled are shredded and used as flock which is seen in mattresses, couches and carpets.
All of this reverts these items from going to landfill while at the same time helping your club raise funds.



Mobile PhonesMobile Phones

If you recycle just one mobile phone you are contributing enough energy to power a computer for up to 40 hours.
Any hazardous items from the mobile phones are disposed of in the safe and correct manner
By donating mobile phones you are helping contribute to the production of new electronic devices..



Scrap MetalScrap Metal

Scrap Metal is something that nearly everyone has and nearly everyone wants to get rid of it. Why not dispose of it with peace of mind knowing that it is going to be recycle and used again to create new products. Why pay to get rid of it when you can donate it to your local club to help them raise funds.



Helping The EnvironmentCost Reduction

Fundraiser.ie main ethos is to help all schools, clubs and community groups fundraise through recycling. This allowd your club to fundraise in a time efficient, cost effective way while also helping our environment. Ask the expert team at FundRaiser.ie for advice on how their recycling fundraisers can benefit you… call us here

Clothes Recycling

Mobile Phone Recycling

Scrap Metal Recycling

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