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The Benefits of raising funds through recycling

Since 2011 FundRaiser.ie has raised over €150,000.00 for deserving causes.
When you raise funds through recycling you are giving an equal opportunity to everyone to contribute to the cause.
Items of clothing for example are easier to donate than cash and cost less to the person donating.



Donated clothing is graded and 90% of these items are sent to third world countries for reuse.
All other material is shredded and reused as raw material within the textile recycling industry.
This helps reduce waste from landfill.



Mobile PhonesMobile Phones

By recycling just one mobile phone, enough energy is saved to power a computer for up to 40 hours.
The hazardous material in the phone’s battery can be disposed of safely.
All mobile phone parts can be recycled and reused in the production of new electronic devices.



Scrap MetalScrap Metal

All scrap metal is recycled and used to create new products such as fridges, window frames, new vehicles and cans.
The re-use of these materials results in the reduction of greenhouse gas and environmental waste



Helping The EnvironmentCost Reduction

FundRaiser.ie’s method enables clubs, schools and organisations to raise money for causes in a cost effective way.

Ask the expert team at FundRaiser.ie for advice on how their recycling fundraisers can benefit you… call us here

Clothes Recycling

Mobile Phone Recycling

Scrap Metal Recycling

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